Gout is a type of arthritis that occurs due to an increased level of uric acid in the body. When the uric acid increases in the body, either due to the inability for the body to breakdown remove the acid or too much intake,it tends to precipitate into joints especially the big toe joint


The Hallmark signs of gout are red-hot swollen area around the big toe joint. This usually occurs in the middle of the night with sharp pain like Sensations, and there is no incidents of trauma.

Treatment Options

There are oral medications which can control gout. Also dietary modification is one of the treatments for decreasing the occurrence of future gout attacks. Its best to visit your podiatrist to discuss possible treatment options, and the confirm the diagnosis of gout.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have sharp needle like sensations during a gout attacks?

As we digest food we break it down into carbohydrates proteins and fats. Proteins are further broken down into amino acids. One of these amino acids is uric acid. While in the bloodstream the uric acid in liquid form. then the blood cools,can crystallized into solid form. As we go to sleep, the extremities at night have a tendency of cooling down, and hence the reason why uric acid crystals will form into the big toe joint. These crystals are in a needle like formation, which can lead to intense pain.

How is Gout diagnosed?

Usually diagnose gout from patient personal history. Sometimes blood analysis might be done to see the uric acid levels are risen, but that is not always the case with gout. Aspiration might be necessary to see if there is uric acid within toe joint

Is this what I have?

This is just a one of the thousands of possible issues our feet can have. Unfortunately many of the symptoms are similar for many pathologies, pain being one the most common symptom of all. Therefore it is imperative to see a professional as soon as possible for an accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment.