Athlete's Foot


Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that leads to itching, redness, and dry skin. Athlete's foot, can occur to both athletic and non-athletic people alike.


Itchiness seems to be the main Hallmark feature of athlete's foot. There was also a possibility of a red rash around the area. Flaking and scaling of the skin is also seen at times. The itchiness can occur throughout the day, but most people seem to feel it more after taking off their socks at the end of the day, or at nighttime before bed.

Treatment Options

Good foot hygiene is the first line step in prevention of athlete's foot. Once acquired topical antifungal medication can be used on a daily basis. If severe condition or topical medication does not lead to expected results, Oral medication can also be administered. It is best to see your podiatrist for the as early as possible, as early treatment can lead to faster results.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get Athlete's Foot if I am not an Athlete?

Anyone can get athletes foot. The fungus in athlete's foot is usually picked up from locker rooms, swimming pools, gymnasiums. However, a small version of the "locker room", "swimming pool" is it our own houses in the bathroom. Fungus can be picked up from motel rooms, and other similar locations.

Can i give it to my family members?

Yes. Fungus will share from your screen when you are taking a shower, or walking barefoot in the bathroom or other locations. This fungus then be picked up by other family members who are sharing the same bathroom and tub. It is important to clean these hard surfaces daily in order limit its spread to other family members.

Is this what I have?

This is just a one of the thousands of possible issues our feet can have. Unfortunately many of the symptoms are similar for many pathologies, pain, redness being one the most common symptom of all. Therefore it is imperative to see a professional as soon as possible for an accurate diagnosis and the proper treatment.